Ways To Make Money From Blogging

Ways To Make Money From Blogging

1. Earn money from google adsense

When you start writing your blog, after publishing some articles, traffic will start coming to your blog. After you get a little traffic, you can apply for Google Adsense.

Once your Google Adsense is approved, Google will allow you to place ads on your blog and whenever someone clicks on your ads, Google will pay you for it. This is considered the first and easiest way.

2. Make money with affiliate marketing

This method is considered the second easiest. You can also make money from your blog through affiliate marketing. For this you need to join amazon or flipkart affiliate program.

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Then you need to select any product and create a link to it and place it on your blog. Now, whenever a reader buys something by clicking on this link on your blog, you will earn their commission.


3. Make Money From Ad Network

If for some reason your ad network is not approved by Google, you can also earn money using any other ad network.

You can use media.net in addition to Google Adsense. Many people are also making good money using this ad network. You too can earn money by using it.

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4. Earn Money From Sponsorship

When your blog starts doing well, that means it starts getting more traffic, then you start getting mail from a company or another blogger.

He will mail you by writing that you are sponsoring his post. So you can also earn money by sponsoring their company’s post.

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5. Earn Money By Providing any Services

If you have some skills, you can earn money by providing his services. But you have to have the skill to do that. If you are knowledgeable about blogging, you can provide blogging service.

There are many people who provide SEO service to their readers and charge some money from them. If you also know SEO, you too can earn money by providing SEO service.