Top platform to earn money from affiliate marketing

The top plateform to Make Money Affiliate Marketing

You can promote any product or service online using this platform. This is the main platform for making money from affiliate marketing.

How to do affiliate marketing through a blog or website?

This is the best choice for an affiliate marketing blog or website. Many bloggers make money through affiliate marketing. You can also start affiliate marketing by creating your own blog.

1. According to your blog niche, you can promote them by joining an affiliate program.

2. You can promote the product by writing a review.

3. You can promote the product by recommending it to your blog viewers.

How to do affiliate marketing through YouTube?

You can also get a lot of benefits if you have more subscribers on your channel. The category your YouTube channel or video belongs to. You can join this kind of program and earn money by promoting the product by providing a link in the description of the video.

If you want to do Affiliate Marketing on Youtube then Amazon Affiliate Program and Flipkart Affiliate Program will be good for you.

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How to do affiliate marketing through Instagram?

Just as money is earned by sharing any product link by joining an affiliate program on a blog or YouTube, similarly you can do affiliate marketing through INSTAGRAM. For this you should have at least 10 thousand followers on your INSTAGRAM account.

How to do Affiliate marketing through Facebook

If you want to do affiliate marketing through FACEBOOK PAGE and FACEBOOK GROUP, you should have maximum audience. You can put an affiliate link for a specific product or service in the post, keep in mind that if the affiliate link post is related, the conversion will be higher.

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How To Affiliate Marketing using Whatsapp ?

Whatsapp affiliate marketing can be done in this way. For this purpose, you can join this type of group or you can create your own group.

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If you want to recommend a great product to a relative or friend, share the affiliate link. If the company’s products and services are sold through your promotion, you will earn a commission.