Lyrics video editing alight motion

Lyrics video editing alight motion


Hello everyone ,

I have come again with a tutorial for editing new trending lyrics status video for all of you. Friends, if you also want to make status video from your photos, then this video is going to be for all of you. In the video, I have told you the complete process that how one can edit the trending lyrics status of his photo. I hope you all will like the video.

If you make a status and upload it to any social media, then the chance of your video becoming viral increases a lot. Such videos are very trending to me on Instagram reel where you can also upload and make your videos viral and get good followers.


For such a status create, you will need an application whose name is Alight Motion, you will find the link of the app on our website itself. You can download it by visiting Elite Motion’s download page. After downloading you have to sign in. After doing this, whatever presets I have given, have to be imported into Light Motion.

You will find the import link of the presets on the page, you can import the lights by clicking on the link. After import, you have to follow the same steps as mentioned in the video, your video will be read



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