How to Make Money On Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money On Affiliate Marketing 



Friends, who does not love money? Everyone loves to earn money and this is why people want to earn more money. Those who are earning want to earn more money and those who are still studying or studying still want to earn money, so in this post I will tell you how to make money with Online Affiliate Marketing.


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How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing ( affiliate marketing se paise kaise kamaye ) 

Friends, there are many ways to make money online and one of the ways is Affiliate Marketing.


Now your question will be that person, what is Affiliate Marketing, and let me first explain it to you briefly, in a way that you can read in detail here.


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If you sell personal property in a certain way, it means that if someone else’s property is sold for you, then that company gives you a commission or reward and in this way you can earn money.


As I explained by giving an example, suppose your friend wants to buy goods online amazon or flipkart or any online shopping website and the price of that item is 10000 rupees, in that case if he will direct. amazon buy then you have to pay 10000 rupees And all the money will go to that company but if the same goods when you say that man, I link to amazon go to that link and buy the same goods you have. you want to buy, then even in that case your friend will get only 10000 rupees. You will have to use but, as amazon has benefited from you, you will also be giving a specific commission on that 10000.


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So you’re saying this is a good way to make money or not? Because your friend did not suffer and you also earn money and this is called earning money through Affiliate Marketing. 


What should you do to earn money through Affiliate Marketing?


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Now you know you can make money through Affiliate Marketing, but do you know how? No again, let me tell you how.


First, you join any Affiliate Network like Amazon, Flipkart or any other Affiliate Program and they will provide you with a unique link to share on your social media account or blog. 

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If someone has to buy that thing, then when they buy from your link, you will start earning a commission and this way you can get lakhs of rupees. 


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