How to Earn Money From Dream 11

If you want to know more about Dream11 Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, you have come to the right place. Dream11 is a very popular money-making game, and you may have seen the ads of this app almost everywhere whether it is a TV or YouTube video, but do you want to know more about how to make money with Dream11, if yes Read this article to the end.

Dream11 is a fun game where people have to predict which cricket team will win, if your prediction is accurate then you win money in this dream11 app. In the minds of many of you, the question must have arisen, whether this Dream11 really makes money or not, then let us tell you yes, it really does make money, if the prediction is right. So let’s know about how to earn money from Dream11.



Dream11 is India’s most popular and popular Fantasy Sports App in modern times, if you have a good knowledge of cricket, you can earn many rupees sitting at home by participating in the Dream11 game. In the Dream11 Fantasy App, you must have seen many other great cricket players and former Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni and you can get an idea of ​​how safe the stadium is.


In this Dream11 game you have to predict the game of cricket, let’s say the KKR and RCB game goes on, you have to first select the team in this application, which team will win in the two teams, then you have to choose the player, if your chosen player gets better, then you earn money in this Dream11 app.


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If you think you can earn lakhs of rupees by playing this game, then you are wrong because in this game you can not only get lakhs of rupees, but ₹ 1000 or ₹ 50,000 easily. For your information, let us tell you that in order to make money on this game, you guys have to invest independently.


Whether or not you win money in this Dream11 depends only on the choice of the cricket team, because if the team you choose matches well, then you can only win money in this game otherwise. With the help of the Dream11 game, you can earn money by playing Fantasy games and with the help of Refer and Earn. Now when you talk about how to earn money on Dream11, it means –

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Step 1: – If you want to make money with Dream11, you must first download Dream11 from the official Dream11 site. If you want, you can download the Dream11 app by clicking on the download option below.


Step 2: – After downloading the Dream11 game, you should click on the register, and create an account by verifying the phone number and email id in Dream11.


Step 3: – After creating an account in Dream11, some bonus points will be added to your account immediately, which you can use while playing dream games in this app.


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Step 4: – To earn money with Dream11, you have to open the Dream11 app, then you will be able to see many similarities, you have to click on any game you want to participate in.


Step 5: – After clicking on a game, you must select a team, which you think will win. After selecting a team, you should also select a player.


Step 6: – Then you have to click on Join the Contest, and you will have to pay the contest fee, you can give the contest money for a fake game with Paytm or UPI ID.


Step 7: – After joining the competition, if your team and players are well ranked in the game, you will win money in Dream11.


Step 8: – Also remember that you are not earning as much as you were told in Dream11, but you are earning according to your level in this app.


Above we have all told you in detail about how to make money on Dream11, if you have good knowledge of cricket player and game you can earn very good money on Dream11 very easily. Whatever money you earn in Dream11 Game, you can withdraw it directly from your bank or Paytm account.



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In Dream11 game, you can earn good money with this game not only by playing Cable Fantasy Game, but also by inviting your friends with the help of Refer & Earn, often a transfer bonus of up to ₹ 200 inviting friends can also be seen. . So let’s earn money by referring to Dream11 –


Step 1: – First you just have to open the Dream11 app.


Step 2: – After opening the Dream11 app, you should click on the Reference & Benefit option.


Step 3: – After clicking on the Reference & Benefit option, we will go to another page where we will see our referral link and code.


Step 4: – After receiving the referral link, we should share that link with our friends, and if a friend downloads any app from our referral link then we will be able to see the bonus amount over ₹ 200.



how to earn money from dream11


You should know how to make money on Dream11, but do you really want to make money on Dream11 fantasy game, if yes you should take care of other things like –


Before choosing any group, get acquainted with that group.

In this game, you are paid according to the level of the player, so any player you choose on the team, before that, check that player’s performance well.

If you have more than one person you can congratulate each team this will increase your chances of winning.

A player who does well will try to add them to the team.


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