What Is Blogging ? 5 Ways To Make Money From Blogging 

Are you also one of those who really want to know how to make money blogging? Then today’s article will be very informative for you, so read it very carefully.

So if you want to know after listening that blogging is very easy to earn then it is not at all. Yes, one thing is 100% true that anyone can blog, you don’t need degrees or any qualifications to do it.

You just have to have something interesting to say and you should have a lot of patience and determination to get your blog right and get a lot of traffic. So now the question is, does everyone earn from blogging? The answer is yes and no. This is because it takes time for new bloggers to earn money while those who are already blogging do not need to earn hard.

In today’s article “How to make money on Blogger” we will present you some similar ways so that you too can make money blogging very easily. But yes, you need a little patience and a lot of hard work for that. Because nothing is easy, it has to be made easier. So let’s get started.

What Is Blogging ?

Friends before we know about making money by blogging let’s see what is blog and blogging so that new users who want to start blogging know what is blogging and to know about blogging you need to blog. Also need to know about

A blog is just a kind of website where new information is shared every day which can be seen and read only through internet like if you are reading this post how to make money blogging then this blog is.

Blogging means publishing new articles on your blog, if you like writing and can explain something well through writing, then you can blog by creating a blog.

Blogging can also be a kind of fashion or even just a way of making money, but in both cases you will get fame, you will get respect, you will get respect, from posting a blog on a blog or creating a blog to making money, whatever we work to do. The work we do is called blogging and the person who does this work is called Blogger.

Nowadays many people have chosen blogging as a career and many people have left their jobs to pursue blogging, even if you say blogging is a business, it is not wrong because many people take it as a business. He just took a job where someone else does the job, they get the money.

There can be thousands of bloggers running a blog or even one person can have thousands of blogs there is no limit if we talk about earning money some bloggers are not able to earn even a single rupee then some bloggers earn millions of rupees.

What is the requirement to earn money from blogging ?

Friends, just like some things are needed for any job, similarly there are some things needed for blogging or making money blogging, without which you can’t blog or make money.

So first let us know what is the requirement to make money blogging? That means what things are needed, then the main things in such a way that you read them carefully.

1. Money is earned by blogging in blogging, so here you need to have a blog, which we told you above about creating a blog and starting blogging.

2. But blogging or blogging requires many things because blogging is also not made for everyone and not everyone can blog either.

3. For this, the most important thing is that you should have patience and determination to work hard because you cannot be successful in blogging in few days, it takes time.

4. You should have such a blogging idea that you can do blogging, if you don’t have it then you should have the ability to learn something by watching others because the work of blogging is to learn and earn.

5. Here you will do complete blogging work only on internet then there should be good internet connection device which will require good internet connection on good mobile phone, laptop/computer.

6. Here you start a blog, write a post on it, get it on Google, when some users come to your blog from that post, then you will be able to earn money using the methods below, so now know aboutà these methods.

Ways To Make Money From Blogging 

1. Earn money from google adsense

When you start writing your blog, after publishing some articles, traffic will start coming to your blog. After you get a little traffic, you can apply for Google Adsense.

Once your Google Adsense is approved, Google will allow you to place ads on your blog and whenever someone clicks on your ads, Google will pay you for it. This is considered the first and easiest way.

2. Make money with affiliate marketing

This method is considered the second easiest. You can also make money from your blog through affiliate marketing. For this you need to join amazon or flipkart affiliate program.

Then you need to select any product and create a link to it and place it on your blog. Now, whenever a reader buys something by clicking on this link on your blog, you will earn their commission.

3. Make Money From Ad Network

If for some reason your ad network is not approved by Google, you can also earn money using any other ad network.

You can use media.net in addition to Google Adsense. Many people are also making good money using this ad network. You too can earn money by using it.

4. Earn Money From Sponsorship

When your blog starts doing well, that means it starts getting more traffic, then you start getting mail from a company or another blogger.

He will mail you by writing that you are sponsoring his post. So you can also earn money by sponsoring their company’s post.


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5. Earn Money By Providing any Services

If you have some skills, you can earn money by providing his services. But you have to have the skill to do that. If you are knowledgeable about blogging, you can provide blogging service.

There are many people who provide SEO service to their readers and charge some money from them. If you also know SEO, you too can earn money by providing SEO service.

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