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You must have used many apps to do video editing, you have got many apps for editing in social media, so that you can edit your video in a very good way. Similarly, today I am going to tell you all about such an app with video editing, through which you can do amazing video editing. (Alight Motion Latest Version 4.2.0 Download )

The name of this app is Alight Motion which is available on play store. Alight Motion is a very popular app in terms of video editing, whose ratings are also very good on play store. What is the biggest thing in the app is that you can edit the video in this way, I have all kinds of features available, which are in big editing software, it has almost all the features that an editing software should have. Due to having all the features, you are becoming very popular.

How to use Alight Motion ?

Alight Motion To do that, first you have to download this app which is available on play store. You can use Alight Motion in any Android, PC, Laptop and computer with ease, it works very softly in all and there is no problem in it.

All aspect ratios are available in Alight Motion so that you can edit your project for any social media platforms. Very good editing can be done in a short time in Alight Motion . Can you use the app for some time and understand all its features easily, if you continue using it for some time, then editing with Elite Motion will be very easy for you .

You can also find many tutorial videos in YouTube about Light Motion, by watching which you can learn to use Light Motion. You can understand it very well through the video. Video let me tell you all the features of Alite Motion very well so that you can use it easily.

Alight Motion features : 

In Alite Motion, you get many features for editing, which you can use very well and easily, in this you have got all kinds of next level editing features which are used by editing . I have told about some feature which you can read .

• Chroma key 

Alight Motion have given you the option of Chroma Key, which is used a lot in editing. Chroma key is used to remove some background like green screen and blue screen or to remove background. It is very easy to do, it is convenient to use..

• Colour & Light

Another option has been found in Elite Motion, which is by using color and light, you can take your editing to the next level. Under the option, you get many options which you can use for free. By using Color and Light, you can make your editing colorful, you can grade the color of your video well. In this, you get Brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature, Color Tune, Exposure Gamma, Hue Shift and many more options.

• Move & Transform

Elite Motion has an option to move and transform, using which you can add transitions to your photos and videos. There are many options available like auto shake, swing, spin, roster transform, oscillate etc. Using all you can create transitions, using some option you can create next level transitions. You can also make movement transitions in photos and videos from here.

Similarly, in Light Motion, you get many more options so that you can edit your video well. In this, you have got the option of text, so that you can create text lyrics and can also create next level cinematic text in it.

3D option is also available inside it, so that you can give 3D look to your video. Also, there is an option of blur, using which you can also apply blur effect. There are more options available inside Blur like Zoom Blur, Lens Blur, Mask Blur, Spin Blur etc.

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