Kinemaster Lates Version ( v6.0.1 ) Download

Kinemaster Lates Version ( v6.0.1 ) 

Finally the new update of Kinemaster has arrived just a few days ago. Which is 6.0.1 version so if you want to know me bare about new features of kinemaster then stay in post and if you want to download latest version of kinemaster la you will find us hi in download link page.

This is the new very best of Kinemaster, although not much has been changed in it. The Kinemaster feature is almost the same as the older version Kinemaster. There have been some such updates in Is New Kinemaster which I found very nice and there is an update in this which you will also like very much.

In the new version of Kinemaster, this time the biggest update has been done in the home page. In the old Kinemaster, the mobile had to be rotated on opening the Kinemaster tab, but in the new update that has come, the mobile will not be able to rotate after opening the Kinemaster. I have put a screenshot here, after seeing which you will understand well what is the first update of Kinemaster.

The second update in the new version of Kinemaster is nothing special but I liked it better than the old Kinemaster. The second update is friends, when we do editing in Kinemaster, then the same editing feature shows like that icon of media, layer, audio and record has already been minimized, which looks very cute to see friends.


In the new version Kinemaster, some updates have been made to Kinemaster’s assets store. Some effects, transitions and also have been added to the Asset Store Me which will help you even more in editing. Using Actually, you can make your video editing even better.

Friends, there will be many people who will not know that what is Kinemaster after all, so here I tell you in short, so that you will get some knowledge in Kinemaster’s .

Kinemaster is a video editing software with which you can edit any type of your video. You can edit videos ranging from a few seconds to hours of video with the help of software.

Through Kinemaster, you can apply effects to your videos, you can apply transitions, as in any major editing software, whatever is necessary for video editing, you will find in Kinemaster. With Kinemaster, you can do your video editing in a lot of work time, because it is also very easy to do. If you use it for some time, you will know how to use the software.



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