How to Make Money on Blogging 2022

How to Make Money on Blogging: 

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What a blog : 

When we write down our knowledge, thoughts, and experiences regularly in the form of a website then it is called a blog. With a blog you can write your thoughts and knowledge freely. You can create a blog on any topic. You can create your own blog-related blog that you are interested in.

For example, if you are a doctor, then you can make your own blog about health. If you have a knack for cooking good food, you can start your own cooking blog. If you are a beautician you can share your beauty tips with people by creating your own blog. That is, you can build your blog on any topic and earn money online.

By creating a blog, where you can share your knowledge, ideas and knowledge with people on the other hand, you can also earn money online sitting at home by building a blog. Age does not matter. You can do this job at any age. There are many people who have made their blog in 50 years and today they earn a lot of it.

What Is Blogging ?

You are carefully reading this article written by us at this time. This article is blogging. We write articles on new topics every day and provide accurate information to people, this blogging. Now you have to think let’s write an article. But how can you make money with blogging?

You must design a website before you can make money. You can use WordPress or Blogger to design a website. You can now make a blog post by writing any type of content on this website. Now do you understand what blogging is?

How to earn money from blogging? 


Before knowing the ways to earn money from a blog, it is necessary to know that on what things the earning from a blog depends.


As –

What is the niche of your blog?

How well do you write blog posts?

How much is the traffic on your blog?

From which countries does the traffic of your blog come from?

What is the language of your blog?

How have you monetized your blog? etc.


There are many ways to earn money from blogging. But only then you will be able to earn money. When you have maximum traffic on your website. The more traffic you have, the more your earning will be. That’s why you should always pay attention, the quality of the content, the right information and put the content regularly.


1. From Google Adsense and Other Monetized Ads


By the way, on the Internet you will find many ad networks that you can use. But in this case, you should choose the best one for your blog, which pays off easily and occasionally.

Personally, these two popular ad networks:


Google AdSense (Offered by Google)

You must have a blog to get authorization for these networks. Automatically display ads based on the content of your article and on the basis of User Interest. Most new bloggers use this method to make money with their blog as it provides them with recurring revenue.

So if you want to use these networks, you have to apply for their authorization, and once you get permission for this, you can easily earn good money depending on your traffic.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great source of income for many great bloggers. Bloggers can also easily earn more rupees by doing affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is such a market where you have to promote another company’s product with a link, and if a user buys a product by clicking on your affiliate link, then you get a certain percentage of commission.

You can incorporate a product related to your Blogging Niche into your blog. The best way to do affiliate marketing is to write a review article. You can write a product review on your blog and provide a related link to the topic.


In order to create affiliate marketing, you must first join a social media platform related to your niche. Once your request has been approved, only then can you post a related link to the blog.


Following are some of the best affiliate platforms –





Commission Junction

Bluehost Hosting

Hostinger etc.


3. Sponsorship

When you will work on your blog regularly and there will be more traffic to your blog, more companies will contact you for sponsorship. In sponsorship, you should tell about the company’s product on your blog and in return the company will pay you.


Before contacting for sponsorship, the company evaluates your blog and offers you sponsorship based on your blog traffic and blog quality.


You can also earn millions with your blog with sponsorship. When there will be a million traffic to your blog, you can earn 1 lakh rupees with support only.



Preset Link ⤵️



4. Earn money by selling your own eBook 🤑 : 

If you have a good knowledge of the subject or can teach something to people, you can turn that information into an Ebook. Set the value of that ebook and promote it in your blog post. You can earn even better money if people buy that book.


The best thing about eBook marketing is that you don’t have to spend any money to make it and almost all the money you earn is yours.

5. Sell own product :

How to sell eBook, you can also sell your portable products through your blog. If you want, you can create an online store on your blog using the Woocommerce plugin.


6. Selling Online Courses : 

Nowadays the demand for online courses is very high. In that case, it is much easier to do these online courses, you just need to be aware of the right tools and technology.


As people move faster, they want paid courses that they can easily follow. On the other hand, if people like your content, you too can start your own online courses.



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