What is Domain Name ?

 What is Doamin Name ?

What is a Domain Name : Whenever you search for any website, you should encounter a Domain Name. This item must have come to mind as to what the relationship between any website and domain name is. So let me tell people that with the help of a Domain Name, we can search a website online. We can say that this is a friendly naming system with which we can provide the address of any Web pages and Web servers.
I know you will also have some information about what a domain is, which is why I thought that today I should give you complete information about the domain name so that you do not have any doubts. So what a delay, let’s start and find out who this domain name is and how it works, its complete knowledge of Hindi. 
What is Domain ?
Domain Name or DNS (Domain Name System) is the domain name by which we can identify a website online. Speaking of any website, they are all linked to another IP address in the background. IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) This is the numerical address that tells the browser where that website is located online.
In simple language, we humans only remember simple things, in the same way all websites also have a name, so now you may think Domain Name is the simplest name we can remember for any IP address. Compete. This is a human-readable version of the IP address.
With the help of a Domain Name, we can get one or more IP Addresses. For example, google.com domain name means hundreds of IPs. Domain Name is also used in URLs to search a specific web page.
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How the domain works
By now you should have understood that domain name Kya Hota Hai. Now let’s talk about how a domain name works.
Data for each website is stored on a single server, also called hosting. When a domain is connected to a server, the domain name is associated with the server’s IP.
When any user searches for a specific domain name in his browser, the data stored on the server associated with that domain is visible to the user in his browser.
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Types of Domain 

A domain name is made up of two names, for example.com a domain name. In this case, the part is preceded by a dot (for example). You can save this part according to your wish.
And the second half is closer to the dot. You cannot save this part of the domain name as you wish. This is called a domain name extension. These extensions are already fixed. And you can choose any single extension from them.
On the basis of these extensions, domains are divided into 3 main sections.
1 – Top-level Domain
Top-level domains (TLDs) are the ones for which information is shared worldwide. These domains are not affiliated with any particular country. The following are some of the top-level extensions.
.com – Commercial Site
.net – Network
.org – Organization Site
.edu – Education Site
.gov – Government Site
.info – Information 
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2 – High-Level Country Code Doamin
There are also domain names for one country, called Country Code Top Level Domain (CCTLD). In this type of domain name extension, only two names are used. The following are some of the major CCLDDs.
.in India
.au – Australia
.cn – China
.us – United States
.uk – United Kingdom 

3 – Subdomain

A subdomain is a small part of a primary domain name. No need to buy it, let’s create a free subdomain. We use sub-domains to manage different categories of content on our website. You can do your part outside of your main domain.
As my domain we say hinditechdr.com. I can also create blog.hinditechdr.com on this domain. Or if I write content in English I can also do english.hinditechdr.com. When you create a blog on Blogger for free, you get a small blogspot.com domain. This is called subdomain. 
You must have seen sub-domains on many news websites. For example, news.com is a news website. On this website we can also use Sports.news.com for Sports News, Politics.news.com for Political News. So this is our subdomain. 
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how to register domain name
Before you know about Domain Kaise They have, you must register a domain name. There are different types of domain names, before you buy, you should know exactly about their availability and how to register a domain name. If you have a domain name you want to check its availability for use, you must first register with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
ICANN assigns and classifies different types of domain names and ensures that the process goes smoothly. To register a domain, Domain.com is a registration service that can help you start a website or register a domain name.
Once you have selected the correct name and confirmed that it is available for purchase, you will need to submit the following information:
First And Last Name
Payment Info
Billing Info
Physical Address
phone number
Email Address 
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How to Buy a Domain Name: ⤵️

There are many platforms available to buy a domain name online where you can purchase a domain name by price. We tell you step by step how to buy a domain on the Godaddy website:
Visit Website & Search Domain – First go to Godaddy.Com’s website, now in the Search Domain Bar above, type in the domain name you want to register, and then simply click the Search Domain button. 
Add to Cart & Continue – Then select a domain name in the search results and click on “Add to Cart” and then click “Continue to Cart”.
Continue to Checkout – After that a new page will open, where you have to choose how many years you want a domain name. Then click on “Continue Exit”. 
Create an Account – Then a new page will open before you, where there will be an option to sign in and create an account, if you already have an account in Godaddy.Com, then ‘Sign in’ and if not create “Create an account “. 
Complete the Billing Information Form – After clicking “Continue”, a new window will open when you will need to fill out a Payment Information Form, entering your name, address, city and mobile number.
Choose Payment Method – After completing the payment details form, you must select the payment option, if you want to pay with Debit / Credit Card, then select one of the options and Debit / Credit Card details (Enter Card Number, Expiration Date and CVV) and click “Enter I -Your order ”. Then you will get the message successfully. 
By following these steps, you can register and purchase your domain from your home-based domain name list. 

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