Reels trending status video editing Alight Motion 2022

Reels trending status video editing Alight Motion 2022

Friends, once again for all of you I have come up with a tutorial for WhatsApp status on trending songs of Instagram. Today’s situation is going to be very unique. If you edit type status and upload it on your social media platform, then the chances of your video going viral increases a lot. My similar editing tutorial is lying daily for you all. So what type of status editing if you are interested, then subscribe to our channel and join our channel because friends, I am late for all of you with such unique content

This type of editing videos are very viral on social media. So you can also get a lot of followers by uploading such status from your photos in social media. Because such a video is very viral on social media. Friends, you get many apps to become such a status, but the app with which I have told you to edit this status is a very unique app. With which you can do all types of video editing.

Friends, for this status banana, you will need the light motion app. If all of you do not have this app, then I have provided its link on my website itself, you can download it from there. These guys are the link of the latest version in which you will not get any kind of error.

After downloading Elite Motion, for editing this status video, I have given some effect presets which you have to import in Elite Motion. You won’t be able to edit status without importing presets. You have to scroll down the page to import presets. Now I get the option to import the presets. You’ll find yaha pay to presets, both of which you have to import into alite motion.

After the preset is imported, you have to open the bookmark presets. You will find the song added in the bookmark preset itself, so you will not have to do a song separately. Bookmark Preset Me You have to add photos step by step. I have told in the video the complete details of how to add a photo.So after watching the video, first of all you have to add photos till the entire song is there. After the photo is added, some photos have to be duplicated. I have told all that in the video itself.

When the photo is completely added, after that you can increase the size of your photo with the option of move and transform. You have to adjust well from there. You have to apply step by step effect in you photo. So for this one more preset which is done by taking new preset by SB, you have to open it, copy the effect from there and paste it in your photo. Everything you have to put step by step on all the photos. In the video I have told in full detail how you have to paste the effect.

When the effect will be pasted on all photos, after that your status will be ready. You have to export it with the option of simple share, your video will be saved in the gallery. After that you can upload the video to your social media platform and have followers. can do.



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In today’s video, I have told how you can edit the new instagram reels trending whatsapp status video from Alight Motion . Hope you all will like this video .

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