Shake effect & attitude status video editing alight motion

Shake effect & attitude status video editing alight motion


Friends, I have again brought a new trending WhatsApp status video tutorial for all of you. Today, the status of which I am going to tell you the tutorial is very much trending on Instagram reels. If you make some such status and upload it on social media platform, then the chance of your video becoming viral increases. And with this you can also gain followers.


So if you are also interested in making WhatsApp status from your photos, then this video is going to be for you. By watching this video you can make best status from your photo. Before such a status banana, you have to watch the video completely and you have to follow all the steps which are mentioned in the video. If you follow all the steps properly then you will learn to make such status in few minutes.


To make type WhatsApp status video, you will need an application named Light Motion. Will you get the link of the application on the website itself, from there you have to download the application. After downloading, you have to give whatever permission will be asked and you have to sign in to Light Motion. If you don’t sing, you won’t be able to import presets into Alt Motion. So first you have to download Lite and complete all the steps which I have told you here.

After you’ve downloaded Elite Motion and signed in, you’ll need to import a preset. So to import presets, you have to go to the top of the page and there you will get the option of go to download page, there you have to click, just wait a few seconds, a page will open where you will get the link of the preset. All you have to do is tap on the button with the import presets and what is present is imported in Alight Motion . And to make this kind of video, you will need material, then you will also get the link of all of them on the preset page, you will have to download from that. 

After downloading all the materials and importing the presets, you have to follow the steps which are given in the video. First of all, you have to select the size in which you want to make the status in light motion and to make it in full screen, you have to choose a different size which is mentioned in the video. After selecting the ratio, select the photo and adjust it well in the screen. Your status video will be ready to follow what is mentioned in evening video, after that you have to save the video.

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In today’s video, I have told how you can edit the new instagram reels trending whatsapp status video from Alight Motion . Hope you all will like this video

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